Summary in English

Finnish Author Hannu Mäkelä

Born in Helsinki in 1943, Hannu Mäkelä was trained as a teacher, yet worked for 20 years as a literary editor for Otava Publishing Company. The winner of numerous literary awards, including the coveted Finlandia Prize in 1995, Hannu Mäkelä has been an independent writer since 1986. His works include children’s books, novels, radio and TV plays, anthologies of prose, and poetry.
Mäkelä´s first books were published in 1965 and had since published over 200 literature works.
Mäkelä had been studying Eino Leino´s work already in the beginning of his career by editing several collections of Eino Leino´s poetry. During the last few years Leino and also L. Onerva has been a centerpiece of Mäkelä´s research. Mäkelä´s book “Mestari” (1995) is the story of Eino Leino. Also “Nalle ja Moppe” (2003) which was a double autobiography of Leino and L. Onerva streghtened the meaning of L. Onerva´s work. The importance of L. Onerva´s literature work has been increased through Mäkelä´s two compilations of L. Onerva´s poetry which has never been published before: “Siivet” (2004) and Pilvet ja aurinko (2005).

He has also written a biography about Giacomo Casanova (2007) and novels about Aleksis Kivi (2010) and Aleksandr Pushkin (2013).

Hannu Mäkelä is known also for his books for children, especially popular “Herra Huu” (Mr. Boo) is well known in many countries around the world. Hannu Mäkelä’s book “Herra Huu” is available also in English (Mr. Boo).

Academician, nominated for Finnish Academy 2016.